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What is The Student Confidential?

The Student Confidential is transforming the experience of international students in Australia. On a primary level we are an education agency, providing students from around the world with the support they need to make their dreams of coming to study in Australia possible. Our mission is to enrich the experience of as many students studying in Australia as possible and to provide the support that we believe students need to thrive and to unleash their true potential.

How We Can Help You

Studying in Australia is an incredible experience and there are many things you must organise before your departure. The Student Confidential provides students of any nationality with the personalised support and advice they need to make their dreams a reality. As a sustainability conscious company,  we provide all of our services and support online. As we are based in Australia, our online system enables us to efficiently communicate with our clients all over the world prior to their departure and to make the process as simple and smooth as possible.

The Student Confidential provides free support to students throughout the process, from selecting a course to pre-departure essentials and ongoing support throughout your student experience. Our partner Australian Migration Agency will assist you throughout the visa process, answering any questions you may have. Ultimately, our objective is to enrich your student experience as much as possible and to ensure that your time as a student in Australia is the best it can be. 

Our Services & Support

Ok so you’ve decided you want to come to Australia. There are so many opportunities and adventures awaiting you, but before you depart on your journey you’ll need to get some things sorted! On the most basic level, you’ll have to decide on a course, city and education institution.

Once that’s taken care of its time to organise your student essentials. These include your student visa, overseas student health cover (OSHC), accommodation, SIM Card….the list goes on. Organising all of this by yourself is time consuming and at can feel daunting. That’s where we come in.

The Student Confidential have streamlined the entire process, bringing everything together in one place. Our team can help you organise all of your student essentials before your departure to Australia, saving you both time and money. This means that when you arrive in Australia you’ll have the time to focus on the important things like settling into your new city and making friends.

Some of the services and support that we provide include: 

  • Free consultations with our team
  • Information about courses and institutions
  • Assistance with your course application(s)
  • Advice about living in Australia and information about your chosen destination
  • Help you to organise: Tax file number, SIM Card, Overseas Student Health Cover, Australian Bank Account, shipping etc.
  • Our parter Registered Migration Agents will assist you with your Student Visa.
  • Job Search support & resume/CV writing assistance
  • Translation services
  • TSC Events, seminars and workshops
  • Frequent check-ins to make sure you’re happy throughout your student experience

Contact us now to book your first FREE consultation