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Student Visa Australia, what type of visa will I need to study in Australia?
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Studying in Australia: What type of visa do I need to study in Australia?

You can’t study in Australia without an Australian visa. The type of visa you need will depend on both the duration and type of study you intend to undertake. It’s important to make sure that you fully understand the visa application process so you can commence your Australia Adventure as soon as possible.

Two popular visa types for studying in Australia are the Student Visa (Subclass 500) and working holiday visa.

Working Holiday Visa

Working holiday visas are great if you want to study for a short time period of less than 3-4 months then a Visitor Visa or Working Holiday Visa may be right for you.Β  You may be able to get a working holiday visa if you;

  • Ere aged between 18-31
  • Have a passport from an eligible
  • Have no dependent children accompanying you

This visa will let you to study for up to four months and work for up to 6 month, so you’ll have plenty of time to balance improving your English with exploring this magnificent country and having the adventure of a lifetime.

Student Visa (Subclass 500)

Student visas are needed if you want to study in Australia for more than 3-4 months. A Student visa (subclass 500) enables you to study an English course for more than 4 months or a Vocational or University Course. A student visa allows you to stay in Australia and study full-time in a recognised education institution. You may be able to get a student visa if you;

  • Have been accepted to study full-time in a registered course at an Australian education institution
  • Would like to study for more than 3 months in Australia
  • Would like to work part-time while studying
  • Are a Genuine temporary entrant
  • Have the English Language skills that meet your particular course requirement
  • Have adequate health insurance organized for your stay
  • Are able to finance your studies and have evidence of sufficient funds

On a student visa, you can work up to 40 hours every 2 weeks during term time and full time during holidays. Part time jobs are highly paid in Australia which can help you earn some money to contribute to your living costs.

Visa requirements and options can change, so it’s best to let us help you throughout the entire visa application process. We will make sure you have the most accurate and up to date information and will help you achieve your dreams of coming to study in Australia. If you decide to let The Student Confidential help you throughout the process you’ll be assisted by highly trained student counsellors and migration agents and our services are free!

For more information about student visas, visit the Department of Immigration and Border ProtectionΒ website or contact us.

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