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Your Study Options


Once you’ve decided to study in Australia it’s time to select a course and study pathway that meets your needs. There are many courses to choose from and various pathways available to international students. Our team will help you discover the wide variety of options available to you and the pathway and institution type that best fits your needs and will help you achieve your study objectives.

Secondary Education 


Australia is a very popular destination for secondary school education due to the high quality and international recognition of the secondary education institutions. In addition, Australia is a fantastic learning environment, with a safe, welcoming and multicultural environment in which students are able to flourish on both a personal and academic level.
An Australian secondary school education will provide students with both a world-class education experience whilst enabling students to develop English Language Skills than can be used for the rest of their lives, opening up infinite possibilities for work and travel..

English Language Courses 


Australia is an excellent destination for studying English. Australia’s ELICOS courses have a fantastic international reputation and are of a high quality. There are various types of English training available in Australia. These include General English, English for Academic Purposes, English for Specific Purposes, Examination Preparation, English for Teaching or Study Tours. Studying English in Australia will provide you with skills that are transferable to many aspects of your life; from opening up new career doors to enabling further study in Australia.

Vocational Education and Training 


Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector offers students the pathway to move quickly into the work force as well as being a stepping-stone to tertiary education. Thousands of courses are offered through Australia’s VET sector, leading to careers in exiting and diverse industries.
In Australia, Registered Training Organizations (RTOs) are the primary institutions that offer VET courses. In addition some Universities may also offer VET courses in addition degrees. VET courses in Australia may include Certificates I to IV, Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas, Vocational Diplomas or Graduate Certificates as well as English Language Courses.

Higher Education & University 


Australia Universities are frequently ranked in the top 100 worldwide. Australia has 43 Universities as well as many other institutions offering higher education courses. There are a wide range of courses for students to choose from, enabling students to study a course that will give them the skills and knowledge for their chosen career path.
Higher Education courses in Australia include three main types of education; Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral Degrees. The most common fields of study in Australia within the higher education sector are arts, commerce, law and science.

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