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Why Australia?

Do you want to spend up to 12 months in Australia, having an incredible adventure and earning some money while you’re at it? A working holiday in Australia might be a great option for you! A Working Holiday visa enables young people from an eligible country to spend up to 12 months working and travelling in Australia, as well as up to 4 months studying.

A working holiday can provide you with a unique experience to explore Australia whilst discovering your passions and making friends from all around the world. A Working Holiday will enable you to experience the Australian way of life and many young people who take a working holiday in Australia love it so much they apply to stay afterwards.

Australia is an amazing place to study, live and work with plenty to see and do. Four of Australia’s main cities are frequently featured in the world’s top 10 most liveable cities, and if you’ve ever visited Australia you’ll understand why.

There are many beautiful attractions such as the Great Barrier Reef and Uluru, as well as countless other attractions such as the Arts, cuisine and sports and recreational activities.

A working holiday experience in Australia will broaden your horizons more than you can possibly imagine and to truly understand just how incredible the experience is, you must come and find out for yourself!

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Up to 12 months in Australia


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